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10 Minute Office Yoga to Restore Your Mind and Body

Most of us know that sitting at a desk all day long is a strain on our body. But did you know it's also a strain on our mind?

In order to be our most productive, energetic, clear, focused, best self it's important to take breaks throughout the day to clear our mind and stretch our bodies.

In my mindset coaching, we talk alot about how small, daily practices can add up to huge mental shifts and an overall improvement in wellbeing.

There's a tendency in the corporate world to over-think, over-schedule, and over-work. Culturally, we're taught the harder we work, the better. #TeamNoSleep represents the idea that the more we grind, the better off we are.

While I am an advocate of hardwork and hustle, I am a HUGE supporter of the art of creating space and pulling back.

The best (most creative) solutions come from a quiet mind, rather than an over-worked, stressed out mind.

Check out this yoga practice, created by Elena Brower for, which will create some space in your body and mind.

It takes 10 minutes and can be done in anywhere, even your office.

Try it now and share this with your friends who could use a nice RESET.

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