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New 'SoHo Business Alliance' Formed to Keep Up with Tampa's Growth

As Tampa continues to grow, the South Howard area is becoming a popular restaurant and shopping destination. New and old SoHo businesses have agreed that one voice is needed in order to keep up with this growth.

Recently, the SoHo Business Alliance was formed with the goal of coordinating improvements and expansion in the area. Jeff Gigante of Ciccio Restaurant Group and Barry O'Connor of MacDinton's Irish Pub incorporated this alliance of over 30 restaurants, bars, shops and hotels.

Some ideas from the alliance include wider sidewalks, improved landscaping and lighting, more trashcans, and unique signage and maps that distinguish the "Soho" area.

The SoHo Business Alliance is step in the direction toward a more young, professional, upscale vibe for the area.

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